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The entire structure is a fabulous art museum where you can admire in detail the works of the famous artist Gabriele Maquignaz.

Son of art, as a child he showed a propensity and talent for creative craftsmanship, which during his maturity will result in a physical and spiritual need to express himself through painting and sculpture”. The personal research around the themes of death and life are a true obsession for the artist, harshly affected by personal experiences, an essential element of his art, around which to experiment and seek first of all the essence of himself. The collaboration with François Thévénin, a well-known sculptor from Cannes, marks a decisive turning point in Maquignaz’s creations.

Live The Art

During your stay at our Art Hotel Grivola you will have the opportunity to live personally in an unparalleled art gallery in Aosta Valley and by booking our package “meeting with the artist” you can meet in person the author of many of our works...

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